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Cooking with kids, not only that it’s
enjoyable for them, but it will also help their
development and learning processes, in
term of both IQ and EQ, according to
various researches. We took that and
carefully developed into our own teaching
methods or what we call Learning by
Cooking ©.

1. Physical Skills & Sensory

Our hands-on class allows kids to improve
their muscle control and strength while
enhancing their 5 sensories, specially their
taste buds !

2. Language & Culture

Kids will learn about languages and different
cultures through food and cooking such as
vocabulary for ingredients and utenstils.

3. Creativity

Our menus are designed to give kids as much
freedom as possible, for them to experiment
almost everything, as if they were doing art.

4. Math & Science

Math and science are automatically be involved
in the cooking process such as measuring,
weighting, colouring and the change state of

5. Emotional Quotient (EQ)

Cooking can help kids develop understanding
within themselves such as, self-confidence,
self-esteem, temperament, patience and

6. Social Skills

When cooking together, kids will learn to
co-operate, share and help each other, while
being responsible and discipline for the public.

7. Family Relation

Family is the basic institution for everyone and
cooking is an activity that the whole family can
be involved. It’s a fun activity to do together!

8. Health Conscious

We have a saying, “don’t say no before you try”
Even something they don’t like, mostly
vegetables. This will help them absorb healthy
eating habits.